Join the Journey to Exhibitions in Dis/Connection 2012

The Exhibitions in Dis/Connection returns for its third annual performance. In previous years, The Border Theatre has challenged the limitations of physical presentation in performance; this year we seek to explore the creation process itself. Artists of every medium are invited to audition or sign on for this journey.

The concept is simple: All artists will be given three source words with which to develop their own creations. The Exhibitions will fluidly present the various works–whether those are plays, film, dance, sculpture, visual, photography, etc.–and highlight the immense creativity of all participating artists.

Auditions and interviews will be held May 26 from 2 to 5 PM at Glasbox. Reserving an audition slot is required. To reserve a slot, sign on to the project or for further information, please contact the Border Theatre at: or 915.412.5283 before May 26.