Thank you for attending Exhibitions in Dis/Connection

The Border Theatre is proud to have brought Exhibitions in Dis/Connection to the El Paso community, but we are even prouder of the incredible response that we have received as a result of our efforts. Thanks to your tremendous attendance, generous financial support, and your overwhelming encouragement, The Border Theatre is proud to announce that Exhibitions in Dis/Connection has now become an annual event. In August of 2011, The Border Theatre will return to Glasbox with more original works and a greater number of amazing artists. We will endeavor the make the event larger in scope and longer in length. We are truly honored that the community has embraced us so warmly and we will gratefully embrace back in all future projects. In the meantime, feel free to browse through our gallery and enjoy some of the amazing pictures from the event.

With the sincerest of thanks,

The Border Theatre Ensemble